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Jingfang Power Partner (3) Harbin Electric Plant

The company has the State Key Laboratory of Industrial Hydropower Equipment, the National Hydropower Equipment Engineering Technology Center, the large-scale generator research institution and the industry standard-setting unit-the Large Electric Machine Research Institute. Externally, the institute is the technical central unit of the national machinery industry for large motors and hydraulic turbines. It is the supporting unit of the National Hydropower Equipment Engineering Technology Research Center and the State Key Laboratory of Hydropower Equipment. It is the quality supervision and inspection of large-scale hydropower equipment and large-scale electrical machinery products in the machinery industry. The administrative unit of the center has post-doctoral scientific research workstations; inside is the scientific research base of Harbin Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. Undertaking the Large Motor Professional Committee of the Chinese Electrical Engineering Society, the Large Motor Professional Committee of the Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering, the Hydraulic Turbine Professional Committee of the Chinese Power Engineering Society, the Generator Branch of the National Rotating Machine Standardization Technical Committee, the National Hydraulic Turbine Standardization Technical Committee, and the China Electrical Equipment Industry Association The branch works as the secretariat of many societies, standard committees, and industry associations. To Business content: The company's leading products include water turbines, water turbine generators, steam turbine generators, gas turbine generators, AP1000 third-generation nuclear power and power station control equipment. Products are distributed in all provinces in China except Hong Kong and Macau, and exported to 34 countries including Canada, the United States, Canada, Pakistan, Japan, and Iran. The large-scale hydropower units manufactured by the company account for about 1/2 of the total installed capacity of domestically produced large-scale hydropower units, and the steam turbine generators account for about 1/3 of the total installed capacity of domestically produced large-scale thermal power units. The company is also gaining more and more market share in new energy fields such as wind power and ocean energy.

Tian Jieyuan, Chairman of Sanhe Power Group, Zhai Xiaolei, General Manager of Yongshang Technology, and a number of executives from both parties attended the signing ceremony

Sanhe Power Group adds another important force. Sanhe Power Group and Beijing Yongshang Technology Co., Ltd. ("Yongshang Technology") have signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement. Etc.), equity investment and other aspects of all-round cooperation. Tian Jieyuan, Chairman of Sanhe Power Group, Zhai Xiaolei, General Manager of Yongshang Technology (authorized by Chairman Yu Lin), and a number of senior executives from both parties attended the signing ceremony.

National Annual Conference on Technical Transformation of Wind Turbines Held in Beijing

Led by the China Electric Power Technology Market Association and jointly initiated by the five major power groups, the first (2021) National Wind Turbine Technical Renovation Annual Conference was held in Beijing. A total of 25 units participated in the meeting, and Tian Jieyuan, chairman of Sanhe Power Group, was invited to participate in this annual meeting

2021 Asia Power Electrician and Smart Grid Exhibition

In 2021, the exhibition area is expected to be 60,000 square meters, and there will be more than 900 exhibitors from Germany, the United States, Japan, South Korea, Italy, Canada, and other regions. Nearly 50,000 domestic and foreign industry buyers visited the fair for purchases. This exhibition aims to build a bridge for exchanges and cooperation between manufacturers and end customers, and is an international platform for corporate image display, brand promotion, and business cooperation.

SPIC promotes the theme education to deepen and become more practical

Since the launch of the theme education of “Don’t forget the original heart and keep in mind the mission”, the State Power Investment Group Co., Ltd. has always taken learning Xi Jinping’s thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era as its fundamental task, taking the creation of a world-class clean energy enterprise as its main direction, and taking the blade inward. Self-revolutionary spirit, adhere to learning while investigating and reforming, focusing on solving a number of major issues related to the reform and development of business management, and striving to promote the theme education to go to the real and deep, to achieve "two hands, no mistakes, Two promotion". One of the distinctive features of this is that every cadre at the department level and above answers the "three ones" in a concentrated manner, namely: one aspect has the deepest understanding and experience; a party group (party committee) focuses on thinking and solving practical problems; a package for key issues Corrective measures. The starting point is to deeply study Xi Jinping’s thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era. The goal is to transform the latest theoretical results into powerful ideological weapons to solve practical problems, solve outstanding problems, formulate rectification measures, and promote thematic education to achieve tangible results. . This is also the innovative approach of SPIC to seize the key minority of party members and leading cadres. In this regard, the SPIC party group took the lead. At the beginning of the theme education, the party group identified 15 major topics to be solved. The party secretary Qian Zhimin took the lead. The party group members shared two topics on average. Through in-depth investigation, research, seminars and discussions Ask for strategies in various ways. From July 22 to 23, the State Power Investment Corporation held a thematic education reading class and research results exchange meeting, focusing on answering the "three ones". The party group members focused on "building a learning research-oriented innovative enterprise" and "promoting clean and green development". 46 rectification measures were proposed for major issues such as specialization and regional management.

State Grid Corporation of China officially released the new smart grid regulation system

According to Wang Yimin, director of the Smart Grid Department of the State Grid Corporation of China, the "Smart Grid Technology Standard System Planning" is a programmatic document and technical guide used to guide the preparation of smart grid enterprise standards for the State Grid Corporation of China. It is also the preparation of China's smart grid industry standards and national standards. Important reference materials for work; the "Smart Grid Key Equipment (System) Development Plan" is the action plan for the development of key equipment, which can be used as a guide for scientific research and manufacturing enterprises to develop equipment, and can also be used as a guide for formulating related industrial development plans in accordance with. "Smart grid is a new thing in the world. At present, China's existing key equipment (system) and technical standards cannot meet all the requirements for building a smart grid. Establish a systematic, complete, open, and independent intellectual property rights technology standard system for smart grids. It is imminent." Wang Yimin said. The smart grid will be built around the six major links of power generation, transmission, transformation, distribution, power consumption, and dispatching, as well as communication and information platforms, covering all areas of the traditional power system. The construction of China's smart grid will give birth to a huge industrial cake, with huge business opportunities. A long-term industry expert on the development of smart grids estimates that smart grids involve many related industries, including power equipment, information communications, and new energy. Among them, the business opportunities of grid technology alone may exceed trillions. It is understood that international electrical giants have expressed their optimism about China's smart grid "the market with the most room for development and imagination." Ke Ruiting, CEO of Siemens Energy Distribution Group, said that in the next five years, the business opportunities brought by global smart grids will reach 30 billion euros. He himself is very optimistic about the development of smart grids in China. Luo Bingfang, general manager of ADD China, clearly stated: "China's smart grid applications will play a very important role in the company's future development, which provides a broad application platform for ADD Semiconductor's advanced new technologies." Schneider, attracted by the "huge business opportunities" of China's smart grid, moved its Asia-Pacific and China headquarters to Beijing Wangjing Science and Technology Park in May this year. However, the "Smart Grid Key Equipment (System) Development Plan" released on the 29th clearly stated that an important task for the development of China's smart grid is to "comprehensively improve China's power equipment industry's independent innovation capabilities, advanced manufacturing capabilities, and technology leadership capabilities. "And said that "we are actively striving to incorporate key equipment development plans into the country's "first (set) major technical equipment" project, "863 plan" major projects, "major technical equipment independent innovation guidance catalogue", "science and technology support plan" and other major projects. Special item." "China's smart grid construction will be based on independent innovation. Under the premise of ensuring technical quality, it will focus on using independent products and technologies to improve the level of China's equipment manufacturing industry." said Shu Yinbiao, deputy general manager of the State Grid Corporation of China. This news is undoubtedly a great benefit to Chinese companies related to smart grids. In fact, since State Grid announced its "smart grid" development plan to the public for the first time in May 2009, relevant domestic companies such as Guodian NARI, Huawei, and ZTE have taken action to cultivate their own "smart grid" industry pie. appetite". Even some companies that have nothing to do with the power grid have begun to adjust their layout and enter the smart grid. For example, Shenzhen Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation announced the acquisition of two power equipment manufacturers-Shenzhen Teruijie Electronics Co., Ltd. and Xi'an Liangli Instrument and Meter Co., Ltd., and Aerospace Science and Industry plans to use this as a platform to enter the field of smart grid construction; China Li Pharmaceutical said it would sell its pharmaceutical companies and concentrate resources to get involved in the field of smart grids. An expert from the State Grid Corporation of China believes that although some of the equipment and technologies of domestic enterprises in the construction of power grids have reached or are at the international leading level, there is still a big gap in the field of smart grids. He reminded relevant domestic enterprises to "work harder on the core technology of the key equipment of the sma

Power system reform, new power reform industry is good for market industry chain

Since the beginning of this year, there have been frequent favorable policies for power reform, UHV channel construction, distribution network, and rural power grid construction. The high growth of the electric vehicle industry has also become one of the engines for the performance growth of the electrical equipment sector. The "New Power Reform" has launched three themes of new energy grid connection, power sales testing and release, energy storage and microgrid. The CITIC Construction Investment Research Report pointed out that the objective status quo of the weak power distribution network and the demand for steady growth will drive investment in the power grid. In the future, the power distribution network will usher in rapid development, and leading enterprises in primary and secondary equipment will benefit. Power system reform, new power reform industry is good for market industry chain According to the analysis of the "2015-2020 China Electricity Sales Company Development Model and Investment Strategic Planning Analysis Report" released by the Prospective Industry Research Institute, the liberalization of China's electricity sales side means that more electricity sellers will enter the electricity market. From the perspective of the development law of the international electricity sales side market, in countries such as the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Japan and other countries with outstanding achievements in electricity market reforms, one of their reform focuses is to introduce competition in the electricity wholesale and retail markets. As far as Germany is concerned, so far, its independent electricity sales companies have exceeded 1,000. It can be seen that China’s current round of power reforms focusing on electricity price reforms and opening of the electricity sales side can be described as conforming to the law of historical development. Introducing a competition mechanism at the retail end, encouraging social capital to enter the electricity-selling market, and forming an electricity-selling market with diversified market players has become an irreversible trend. The investment opportunities in the electrical equipment industry in the second half of the year are mainly concentrated in four areas. Benefiting from the increased demand for the transformation and upgrading of distribution networks and rural power grids, the performance of distribution network automation equipment manufacturing companies will grow rapidly, especially leading companies with strong technical strength, such as Sifang, Xu Ji Electric, and Guodian NARI; To develop opportunities, pay attention to companies that are actively involved in the sales of electricity, such as Beijing Cree, Sungrow, and Kelu Electronics; UHV DC equipment manufacturers, especially companies with high-performance flexible large-scale product businesses, such as Xuji Electric and Pinggao Electric Etc.; Electric vehicles, as a sub-industry of the electrical equipment sector, will continue to benefit from its industry chain companies. Source of the data in the article: "2015-2020 China Electricity Sales Company Development Model and Investment Strategic Planning Analysis Report" by Qianzhan Industry Research Institute

Jingfang Power Partner (4) China Huaneng Group Corporation

China Huaneng Group is a state-owned enterprise approved by the State Council and reorganized on the basis of the original China Huaneng Group. In accordance with the requirements of the State Council on the reform of the national power system, China Huaneng Group Corporation is an independent business, self-financing, and comprehensive development of the power industry. In August 2016, China Huaneng Group Corporation ranked 47th in the "2016 Top 500 Chinese Enterprises". On July 12, 2017, China Huaneng Group Co., Ltd. was awarded Grade A in the 2016 Annual Operating Performance Appraisal by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission. On July 19, 2018, the Fortune Global 500 list of 2018 was released, and China Huaneng Group Corporation ranked 289. China Huaneng Group Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as China Huaneng) is an important state-owned backbone enterprise established with the approval of the State Council. China Huaneng has a registered capital of 34.9 billion yuan, and its main business is: power development, investment, construction, operation and management, power (heat) production and sales, finance, coal, transportation, new energy, environmental protection related industries and product development , Investment, construction, production, sales, industrial investment operation and management. Since its establishment in 1985, China Huaneng has provided rich experience in the reform, development and technological progress of the electric power industry in the course of more than 30 years of development; it has played a demonstrative role in improving the management level and economic efficiency of electric power enterprises; The power demand for social development and the realization of the preservation and appreciation of state-owned assets have made significant contributions. The company adheres to clear direction, scientific development, continuous innovation, maintaining leadership, multi-party cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win, and gradually formed a "red company serving socialism with Chinese characteristics; a green company focusing on science and technology and protecting the environment; adhering to advancing with the times, The corporate mission of "Learning to Innovate and Facing the World Blue Company" and the core values ​​of "Insist on integrity, focus on cooperation, continuous innovation, aggressiveness, create performance, and serve the country" have Huaneng's characteristic corporate value concepts. China Huaneng is committed to building a large enterprise group with international competitiveness. As of the end of 2017, the company's domestic and foreign wholly-owned and controlled power plants had installed capacity of 17182 million kilowatts. The coal, finance, technology research and development, transportation and other industries that served the development of the main power industry began to take shape. The company took the lead in entering the world among Chinese power generation companies. Among the top 500 enterprises, it ranked 289th in 2017. The "13th Five-Year Plan" is a decisive stage for China to build a moderately prosperous society in all respects and achieve the first century-old goal. It is also a critical period for the company's comprehensive strength to reach a world-class enterprise. The company will continue to hold high the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics and earnestly learn from President Xi Jinping. The Secretary’s series of important speeches and new concepts, new ideas, and new strategies for state governance and governance, closely focus on the overall promotion of the “five-in-one” overall layout and coordinated promotion of the “four comprehensive” strategic layouts, and fully implement innovation, coordination, green, and openness. , Share the five development concepts, fulfill the mission of the "Three Color Company", adhere to the overall requirements of the "Three Ones", strive to improve the "Three Capabilities", and strive to build a new mechanism for the "Three Centers", transform methods, adjust structures, and improve benefits , To promote development, strengthen quality, create first-class, promote the company to become stronger, better and bigger, and enter the ranks of world-class enterprises with international competitiveness, and make new and greater contributions to the comprehensive construction of a well-off society. [1] On the evening of July 19, 2018, Fortune released the latest Fortune Global 500 list simultaneously with the world. China Huaneng Group ranked 289th.
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