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Aluminum finned air cooler

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Model: KCLS125-5x32-1400

Note: The type of cooler varies from unit to unit. Heat sink: L2 aluminum strip

Cooling pipe: T2 copper pipe. Nickel cupronickel pipe, stainless steel pipe

Features: high heat dissipation efficiency, large heat dissipation capacity, economical and applicable, aluminum fin type air cooler and copper fin type air cooler are basically the same in structure, the difference is that the fan heat fin of the aluminum fin type air cooler is Pure aluminum, and the thermal conductivity of aluminum is second only to silver and copper in metals.

Harbin Jingfang power equipment manufacturer produces heat exchangers for hydropower plants, coolers for hydropower stations, and electric power coolers. Heilongjiang Jingfang power equipment manufacturers in China are committed to providing major hydropower and thermal power generation companies, wind power and nuclear power generation companies, and steel mills, mines, and Petroleum, chemical and other large and medium-sized enterprises provide targeted and professional cooling system transformation and replacement services for the cooling needs of large and medium-sized enterprises, and electric coolers are peer companies.

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